Bryan’s Bomber Beta

Hi Everyone, my name is Bryan and I’m super psyched to be sharing some Bomber Beta with you!

Climbing has been my entire life for the last few years. I’ve relocated to Chattanooga TN (from Florida) to pursue this passion. I’ve also traveled across the country multiple times in search of good weather and stoked folks. During my journeys, I’ve learned a lot about climbing gear, especially shoes. I wanted to share the information I’ve learned, as well as the opinions I’ve formed.

Right now my hardest sends are 5.13a and V11. These are two huge milestones I’ve been working years to get to. When I first started climbing I only used strength to send. Now that I’ve become a more experienced climber it’s more of a combination of a few important things.

  • Strength and Power
  • Technique and Beta
  • Conditions and Being Rested
  • Mental Fortitude (Try Hard!)
  • The Right Gear

This website is dedicated to sharing information on how to use these things to get the most out of your climbing. You can probably expect a bouldering grade drop for each one of these things you don’t get right. Trying to send a slopey limit boulder in the summer sun, or trying to dyno off a smear with stiff shoes will probably end up poorly. Getting everything right is crucial to sending your projects and having an overall good climbing experience.

If you ever have any questions or want to chat feel free to reach out. Hearing from fellow climbers makes writing these posts worth it!

A rare photo of me not climbing