Best Beginner Climbing Shoes (TOP 7 for 2020)

 If you’re looking for the absolute best climbing shoes for beginners the Scarpa Force V’s are the ones to go with. They run a little expensive for the general beginner’s shoe, but they are so much more than every other shoe on this list.
You get the amazing Vibram XS Edge rubber and the super comfortable fit of a top-notch shoe.

The Mad Rock Drifter was my first ever climbing shoe. I’ve worn these shoes for over 6 years (yes the same pair). They have been solid for everything from training sessions to deep water soloing.
The Friction Science rubber is a ‘good enough’ for beginners. What it lacks in stickiness it makes up in durability. You won’t need to replace this anytime soon.

5.10’s great shoe ever? The Moccasym is a great all-around comfortable climbing shoe. I love these shoes for easy pitches and light training sessions.
Since Five Ten was acquired by Addidas the Moccasym is not the same. The Stealth rubber is not quite as good and the shoe build is not as high quality as previous versions.

I don’t have a ton of experience with this shoe, but with the current state of 5.10, the Addict might be the better alternative.
Definitively not the most popular shoe, but this slipper is great for easy climbing and long pitches. My buddy also just sent his first V10 in these bad boys so they are plenty capable.

Not exactly a beginner shoe, the Maverink is designed for kids. Although adults can reap the benefits of this La Sportiva masterpiece.
The no edge concept makes this shoe a great addition to the gear closet. The Vibram XS Grip 2 has these shoes punching above their weight class. The only downside is finding a pair in sizes above the 39 EU.

Black Diamond is taking the climbing shoe market by storm. The Momentum is leading the pack as the beginner/all-around comfort shoe.
The only experience I’ve had with these shoes is a demo at a local climbing comp. I really enjoyed how comfortable these shoes were while holding a really solid shape.

Butora is another newer entry into the climbing shoe game. Their lineup is stacked with lots of high-performance bouldering and competition shoes.
The Endeavor is the milder, beginner-oriented model of the Butora line. I have a close friend that is on her fourth pair of these and has climbed up to V8.

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes in Review

I really hope you liked my article about beginner climbing shoes. All the shoes in this post are top notch and great choices as a good first or second shoe.

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